"My child, now almost 4 years old, has been with RRELC since he was 12 weeks old.  We chose this center because of the warm, family-like interaction that the staff and children share with one another.  As an RN, I can attest to the attention to safety and illness prevention that this center provides, as well as to frequent and open communication with both the staff and center director.  At this stage of development, learning how to communicate with others and interaction with other children is so important.  I could not be more pleased with the affect this kind of environment and gentle discipline has had on my son.  He loves to learn and has the opportunity at RRELC, in the company of his friends."  - Hillary
"Charlotte is blessed to have found a new family in the staff of RRELC.  She is excited to go to daycare each morning and her mother and I couldn't be happier knowing how loved, encouraged, and cared for she is each day when we drop her off.  It means so much that we know her teachers truly miss her and ask for her to come back whenever she is away from class!"  - David Roberts
"We love Rebecca's Rainbow, it has always felt like home.  Maddison loves school and especially loves her classmates.  They have a brother-sister love.  Maddison has fallen in love with all her teachers, she has an amazing relationship with each one.  I cannot thank Rebecca's Rainbow enough for supporting Maddison and her crazy eating habits and patterns.  They have and continue to be flexible as we try new things.  Thank you for everything and for loving Maddison."  - Lauren Martin
"Rebecca's Rainbow is by far the best daycare in town.  The staff are wonderful and the facility is small and inviting." - A. Collier
"Before Cooper started at RRELC, I was constantly worrying about him.  So much so that not getting my work completed because of teh worry and anxiety.  Since being at RRELC, my husband and I have no worries about Cooper during the day.  We know that the teachers care about his well-being, his learning environment and his interaction with peers.  The teachers are smiling and happy to see him every morning.  The director, Sara, checks on him when he is absent.  We know that Cooper is in a loving, positive, and educational environment each day which brings us peace of mind and joy to know he is loved.  As first-time parents, we are so glad Cooper got to learn and grow and RRELC."  - Brittany McGeoch
"It was scary for me to have to find a second home for my first child.  Would they hold him?  Would they talk to him? Would he still smile when I wasn't there?  Would they change him right?  Would they feed him enough?  Would they fulfill my requests?  When I first stepped into RRELC, I breathed a sigh of relief.  I felt that a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  This was the place, the right place for my son to call his second home.  I couldn't have asked for more loving, caring teachers than those at RRELC.  My son's almost immediate smile upon arrival speaks louder than words.  We hope you love RRELC as much as we do!"  - C. Putney
"We love being a part of the RRELC Family.  Our daughter has been attending RRELC for a little over a year.  We truly feel like we sed our daughter to school with friends and family that carefor her as much as her own family.  We have watched our daughter blossom and grow in her development over the last year and we are excited to see as she continues to grow.  We are able to openly communicate our needs and wantes to the staf.  The few concerns I have raised have been addressed immediately and supported.  Our daughter has been able to participate in many neat activities and learn about variousthins through out he time there.  One of the most important things to us is our daughter is excited to go to school each day and see her friends.  We can tell how happy she is to be part of her family there and to us that means the world."  -- Eddie and Emily Woody
"RRELC has stayed true to it's motto - a home away from home for our son Gabriel.  We could not have chosen a better preschool to love and prepare our child." -- C. Carpenter
"Rebecca's Rainbow is a warm, positive and loving environment for it's students and feels like a home away from home!" -- A. Collier
"After keeping our daughter at home with a friend of the family for the first year and a half of her life, moving her into daycare was a really big deal for our family.  We toured every school and daycare in Lynchburg.  We asked a lot of questions and even took notes.  But when it was time to make our decision we didn’t need the pamphlets, we didn’t need our notes, all we needed to make our decision was the feelings in our heart that Rebecca’s Rainbow would be our daughter’s home away from home.  Rebecca’s Rainbow offered the perfect balance of love and education and what more could two parents want for their daughter.”  - Jason and Amy Page
“I have been very pleased with the supportive and loving learning environment.  All of the staff know my children, whether they are direct classroom teachers or not.  Academics are presented in a developmentally appropriate manner.  My children love the opportunity to interact with other children at different age levels and knowing all of the students at Rebecca’s Rainbow.”  - Long Term Parent
“I can’t say enough nice things about Rebecca’s Rainbow Early Learning Center!  It’s been just over a year that my son has been at Rebecca’s Rainbow and in that time I have seen nothing but positive reflections in his development.  He genuinely looks forward to going every day, which is a priceless gift.  I have peace of mind knowing that he’s being loved on, well cared for, and nurtured while I’m at work.  I can do my job because Rebecca’s Rainbow is doing theirs.  Rebecca’s Rainbow is truly my son’s home away from home!”  -- Lauren Bennett
“As a parent it is always hard to leave your child in the care of others – so I feel blessed to have found the wonderful staff at Rebecca’s Rainbow.  When I drop my son off at Rebecca’s Rainbow each day, I know he will be greeted with warm smiles from his teachers.  I know he will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun learning activities.  Most important, I know my son is in a loving and safe environment – and that is the best feeling any parent with a child in daycare can have.”  -- Joseph’s Mom
“Our daughter attended another preschool prior to starting at Rebecca’s Rainbow.  She always cried at drop-offs and was sad when we picked her up.  She made very few friends and as parents we were at a loss of what to do.  Our good friends recommended Rebecca’s Rainbow because their son went there.  Almost immediately after enrolling, we saw a huge change in our daughter’s demeanor.  She willingly left when we dropped her off, made lots of friends, always shared what she was learning, and most of all she was happy and cheerful at pickups.  Sometimes she was having so much fun she didn’t want to leave!  The changes in our little girl, as well as the loving care she receives from her teachers, makes us so happy as parents, we don’t want her anywhere else!”  -- S. Dohme
“Asher is my first baby and I was a single mom.  This is all new to me and I had such anxiety over everything from bathing to feeding.  The last thing I wanted to do was leave my precious son with perfect strangers while I went to work!  I visited seven different day care centers and home day cares in Lynchburg before deciding on Rebecca’s Rainbow.  It wasn’t a rash decision.  I asked every question I could think of and Sara smiled at me  and made me feel comfortable  and answered every one.  Not once did she make me feel like my questions were ridiculous or that she didn’t have time for me.  I let her know that it was REALLY hard for me to leave him and I would probably cry on the first day.  She smiled and sweetly said, “I will probably cry too, it’s okay.”  I have worked in childcare for 8 years and I understand most moms have a hard time leaving her child but I never REALLY understood how hard it could be.  I went back to work that first week after maternity leave, with very few tears.  I missed Asher terribly and couldn’t wait to get off work to go see him, but I never once worried that he wasn’t safe, loved, and taken care of.  Each one of the staff at Rebecca’s Rainbow was courteous, friendly, and seemed to be genuinely happy to be at work.  They took time every day to tell me each detail of Asher’s day.  Sara does an amazing job at picking the right crew and training them to be awesome!  She is a wealth of knowledge about infants and children and I often sought out her advice on how to get Asher to sleep and eat.  She was a great help to a new mommy!  Dropping off Asher and picking him up everyday has been a joy.  I love seeing all his smiling friends and teachers.  Even the other parents are friendly!  They have bonded together as a family and take care of one another. This is something you rarely find these days and is so unique to Rebecca’s Rainbow.  Asher and I are moving back to North Carolina and it is bittersweet.  I wish I could take Rebecca’s Rainbow with me.  I don’t think it’s possible for me to find a childcare quite like this one, but pray that I can come close.  They are more than a childcare, they are a family and we will miss them so very much.  We are so blessed to have had them as part of our lives, even if it was for a short time.”  - Megan and Asher
“When I drop my son off here, I know he isn’t just “watched” or tolerated; he is celebrated  and loved!  He can go anywhere and learn ABCs and 123s – but to find a place that is like home means more than I can possibly say.” – Rianna Wilson
“We love Rebecca’s Rainbow!  After two years with a wonderful home sitter we were apprehensive about a regular preschool.  We were immediately set at ease by the teachers taking their time to talk to us about their school, their classrooms, and their schedule and teaching goals.  The director took the time to talk to us as much and for as long as we needed to feel comfortable.  She even suggested starting out with bringing our son part-time and coming for some pre-visits with our son to help transition him comfortably to full-time.  As a result of their attention to our needs of our child, both in his education and nurturing, he has been at Rebecca’s Rainbow for two years now and will begin his third year there soon.  We love that the center serves the children hot lunches and offers extra-curricular Melody Makers program.  The center does not feel like a daycare.  It feels like a home – a home with a big family!  They host grandparent’s and parent’s day, water play days, and other events that make sure the families feel connected with their kids, teachers and other families.  We also love the fact that the teachers put a big emphasis on outdoor play.  They have a great little play ground in the center yard and they bring the children out there every day unless it is raining, snowing, or muddy – cold and wind are no match for the kid’s energy!  The teachers are truly teachers and not just babysitters.  They go to continuing education classes and keep updated on early education knowledge.  The center is also participating in the STAR program with the State of Virginia to help assess and rank preschools.  Rebecca’s Rainbow’s participation in this program requires a lot of additional work, so it meant a lot to us as parents that they would put the effort into this voluntary program to vet their excellence in preschool education.  The staff has guided our child through potty training, separation anxiety, and the usual ups and downs of early childhood with care, gentle constructive discipline and love.  Our son feels comfortable and loved at the center and we feel not just comfortable with having him there but also glad he is there learning, growing, and exploring.  For all of these reasons and so many more, we love Rebecca’s Rainbow!"  -- Christine Carpenter
"As a grandmother, I was very concerned about my precious granddaughter having to go to day care.  I went with my daughter all over Lynchburg to interview various places.  They very proudly touted their educational programs, but Josie was less than 2 years old and we were mainly concerned with her emotional well being, being away from Mommy all day long.  Rebecca's Rainbow showed us how they would truly care for Josie and they have exceeded all our expectations.  Josie is now a happy 3 year old and loves her teachers.  They are like family members to her, an aunt or grandmother.   She runs in each day, ready for all the activities and comes home happy, singing, playing teacher, and proudly showing us her crafts.  Thank you Sara and all your wonderful loving staff."
Jane Bradshaw, owner of Best Start Parenting Center
"Rebecca's Rainbow is the perfect home away from home for my children.  The RRELC staff consistently goes above and beyond my expectations of a learning environment by additionally offering the sort of loving and affectionate interactions found in a family setting.  As a "mommy" I hate that I have to be away from my kids for any length of time, but in my absence, I cannot think of a group of women more qualified to entrust so many of my children's teachable moments to.  Rebeccas's Rainbow will be a part of our family long after our youngest has moved on to kindergarten." -- Courtney Doran, mother of two
"We were so nervous about leaving our daughter in day care, but the staff at Rebecca's Rainbow Early Learning Center was so welcoming  and made this transition not only smooth for our daughter, but for us as parents as well!  It has been comforting to know that each day Brenna is brought to a place where she is loved.  The staff has been wonderful and we can't thank them enough for everything they have done.  Brenna has been there for almost a year now and we have watching her learn and grow so much educationally and socially.  They all have been given such a gift for teaching and guiding young children.  We have been nothing but happy with the care she has received and know she is truly happy there too.  She is excited to go in the morning and often times it is hard to get her to leave to come home!  Thank you for all you do!"  -- James and Mackenzie
"As a first-time parent, Rebecca's Rainbow Early Learning Center has been wonderful at helping us get over the anxiety leaving our child with someone else.  They have been very personable and flexible and have worked with us to give our child the best care possible.  I love how they provide a detailed report of my son's day and when they talk to me, it's clear they care about my son."  -- New Mom
"Rebecca's Rainbow is an outstanding center!  When we dropped our 9-week-old son off for his first day, they made me feel like they would treat him with the love and care my husband and I would.  Our son loves to go to Rebecca's Rainbow ... he loves his teachers and his classmates.  Even though he is only 7 months old now, I can tell that Rebecca's Rainbow Early Learning Center has enriched his life ... and as a parent, that is the best feeling!  My husband and I look forward to our son attending Rebecca's Rainbow Early Learning Center for years to come!  We would highly recommend it to any parent!" -- Kim Wilbur
"We have been with Rebecca's Rainbow Early Learning Center for three years now and love it.  Both of my children have excelled in academic as well as the way they interact with adults and children alike.  All of the teachers my children have encountered are very friendly and caring.  It is easy to see that they enjoy their jobs and make the learning environment great for the kids.  Even when my children become unruly, I know they will be handled with love and affection as if I were the one there.  The teachers are also very open and interact well with me when I have questions.  They are extremely concerned about the kids be it sickness or just an off mood.  Both of my children love the center and would go home with any one of the teachers.  I love the fact that it is small because both of my kids get the one on one time that is needed.  I feel very fortunate to have found Rebecca's Rainbow Early Learning Center." -- K. Finan
"My son Aiden came to Rebecca's Rainbow after his previous daycare closed.  Sara Williams worked with us to fit him in and to make it a smooth transition for him.  Because Aiden had left all of his old teachers and friends, he struggled a little getting used to his new routine but he loved the daycare (never crying when I left) which meant he felt safe.  All of his new teachers helped him.  Within a few weeks my husband and I noticed that Aiden was learning much faster at Rebecca's Rainbow than at the other daycare.  The great surroundings, the great teachers and the convenient location make Rebecca's Rainbow the perfect place.  It's kind, loving and organized and very safe.  I have known Ms. Ashley and Ms. Brittany A. personally for some time and they are both kind and loving people.  The whole staff is amazing!  We also love the small class size!"  -- Trina L. Long
"I cannot say enough about Rebecca's Rainbow.  The staff is always pleasant and informative.  They do a great job at communicating to the parents about weather closings or delays, illnesses around the center or special holiday events.  My daughter comes home clean and happy each day, which is a sign of how well she is cared for."  -- Kristi West

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