Helpful Parenting Articles

Winning Ways to Talk With Your Child and The Ten Commandments are both topics on how we should speak with our young ones and ways we can remember that they little humans who need our guidance, as parent and teachers to learn and grow.
Biting is a harsh reality in a preschool setting especially when a center has children ages 6-36 months. Children who can not use their words may want to bite to show their anger, frustration or also to get a negative attention from a parent or teacher. Please feel free to look at the information below for more guidance on this behavior issue.
Shaken Baby Syndrome is a scary possibility in the world around us. Please click the link below to find out more information and ways that we can prevent this from happening.
Childhood Milestones:  The link below is a guide that is used by Early Childhood Professionals (Rebecca's Rainbow Staff) as well as parents to assist in the development of their child and what goals they should be reaching for at their age and stage.

Recommended Books

Elizabeth Verdick’s book series is about common preschool behaviors that happen on a daily basis in a preschool setting. Along with teacher direction these books can help remind your preschooler what behaviors are good behaviors and ones that they should be directed away from.




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